Aaron, along with co-authors Amy Javernick-Will, Matthew Koschmann and Hannah Moench, received the Best Paper Award at this year’s Engineering Project Organization Conference for their work titled “A Constitutive Communication Lens of Stakeholder Participation in Post-Disaster Construction.” Aaron presented the paper at the conference’s concluding plenary session, themed “engaged scholarship.”

EPOC is a unique event that provides a forum for researchers to present research findings and have in-depth exchanges on emerging research. The perspective in the conference is broader than project delivery approaches, organization structures and work processes; it includes the multi-faceted organizational and governance challenges facing the managers of modern global engineering and construction project organizations. Today’s leaders and managers must be entrepreneurial in lining up financing and public support for the project; accountable for economic, environmental and social outcomes of the project, transparent in their relationships and transactions; and open to meaningful stakeholder engagement with participants, supporters and opponents of the project. This broad approach to project organization research has always framed the EPOC conferences and continued to frame EPOC 2016. To reflect the fruition of the many achievements of Engineering Project Organization Society and the continued path forward, this year’s conference theme was Building Resilience. EPOC 2016 builds on the primary themes of the society and the journal as follows:

  • Infrastructure development and governance – research efforts that emphasize the development and governance of civil and social infrastructure projects from initial conception to operations and maintenance;
  • Project- and Program-Based enterprises – research on project or program-specific organizations at all levels of governance activities;
  • Inter- and intra-firm coordination – research on the interdependencies in project organizations and approaches for analyzing and improving partnerships and coordination;
  • International Project Organizations and Enterprises – research encompassing global project organizations and enterprises including governance, operations, and collaboration.
  • Date: June 2016